Question : Which VM's are using a processor

I have a strange problem

I have 1 VM that is using 100% of 2 CPU's.

This isn't a problem, however I have another VM  that is also configured for 2 CPU's on the same esx 3.5 server that is just unresponsive.

If I look at the performace tab for the undresponsive server I see CPU Wait times of 10,000 to 15,000 Milleseconds, with CPU Usage at about 46%...

If I connect to the console, it loads the desktop (Suse 10.3) but it doesn't interact.  I can't click anything or type in the Console, it's just frozen.

Is it possible that the 2 VM's are tied to the same CPU?  Meaning that on is usint 100% it isn't giving anything to the other CPU?

If so why doesn't ESX move to available resources?  I have 6 olther cores on this server running at abou 40%.

What can I do to make this VM accessible?

Answer : Which VM's are using a processor

i have seen in esx 305 servers sitting there at 100% and we just restarted them as they where doing virus scanning and running out of hdd space while the virus scanning wrote stuff to the hdd and thats why the servers where maxed out as the servers where test servers. Could it be the servers are doing something or is the 100% a problem. Can you connect to the 2 100% vm's
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