Question : How to Overclock Intel Xeon X3440 Quad-core 2.53 GHz?


I recently purchased HP ProLiant Entry-level Server - 1 x Xeon X3440 2.53 GHz (Quad Core) with 4GB of DDR3 RAM (DDR3-1333/PC3-10600). I would like to Overclock this processor to certain level depending on software requirements.

Is there any advantages / disadvantages if I overclock this processor? I heard that overclocking the processor will reduce it's life time and also damages the RAM. Is that correct? What is the maximum speed after overclocking this processor?

Thank you.

Answer : How to Overclock Intel Xeon X3440 Quad-core 2.53 GHz?

First of all, almost nobody overclocks a server. The risks are just too great.

The advantage of overclocking is faster processing.
But there are some serious disadvantages. Just a sample:

1. Loss of warranty. Most hardware manufacturers will not homor warranty on a system that they know has been overclocked.
2. Shortened component life. Any significant level of overclocking will almost certainly shorten the life of one or more components. There is no way of knowing how much. Of course the system may become obsolete before that happens.
3. System instability. This could mean application or system failures. Or worse, the system may silently corrupt your valuable data.

There is no way of knowing ahead of time how far any given system can be overclocked. Experimentation is the only way to tell.

Overclocking means operating the system outside the bounds set by the manufacturer. This is serious business. It should only be attempted by someone who fully understands what they are doing.

If you wish to experiment with overclocking do so on an old system you do not care about. Never experiment on a server with valuable data.
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