Question : MAX(SUBSTRING(variable,6,6)) only goes to 10???


I thought I solved my problem, but a new one arised from my solution. Here it is:

xpresentyear = Request.Form("presentyear")
sSQL_rs = "SELECT IsNull(MAX(SUBSTRING(chainlink,6,6)),0) AS chain_number_max FROM tbl_registrer WHERE SUBSTRING(chainlink,1,4) LIKE DATEPART(year, getdate());"
Set rs=objConn.execute(sSQL_rs)

Then I INSERT this value into the table:
'" & xpresentyear & "'+'-'+'" & replace(rs("chain_number_max")+1,"'","''") & "'

Now... it seems it won't get beyond 10! How comes??? Is something wrong with the datatype (it's coming from part of a varchar-field)? Can I put in some more code so that it is interpreted as a number and not "text-number"? It seems to me that the MAX(SUBSTRING(chainlink,6,6)) only look after the first digit in the number...
Please HELP!

Best regards


Answer : MAX(SUBSTRING(variable,6,6)) only goes to 10???

Actually, this appears to the be the correct SQL:
   ISNULL(MAX(CAST(SUBSTRING(chainlink, 6, 6) AS int)), 0)
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