Question : install lexmark c912 on windows sbs 2003 box

i have got a sbs 2003 box i am trying to install lexmark c912 printer but it doesnt seems to be working i have my server ip address which when i print out lexmark setting page its showing me the ip address of i bought this from ebay so anyone has setup this printer please advice

Answer : install lexmark c912 on windows sbs 2003 box

well, if they're on different subnets, that won't work.

grab a laptop or desktop, and set its network info to a static ip address of, subnet, you can leave the gateway blank.

after that's done, you should be able to browse to (the lexmark)

set the lexmark's ip address to some unused ip address on your 10.10.100.x network, with a subnet of, and your gateway of 10.10.100.x

save the changes, it'll reboot.  at that point set your laptop/desktop back to what it was before, and tell the server the ip of the lexmark.  you should be good to go at that point.
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