Question : SUMIF Formula for Time Values not displaying results

I created a really simple spreadsheet (Attached) with a list of departments and associated labor hours on the next column.  What I want to do, is sum all of the labor hours for that department.  I have the format of the hours column set properly, and if I do a simple formula like =B2+B3, I get results, but at soon as I try to SUM the list, it just produces 0:00 as the output.  Can anyone give me any pointers?  I'm sure it's something simple.  I'm not sure if it makes any difference, but I am using Office 2010 on Windows 7 x64.

Example of SUMIF Formula Failure

Answer : SUMIF Formula for Time Values not displaying results

Your time values are formatted as text, so when you use a formula like B2+B3 that will "coerce" text that looks like a time value to a real time value. You can use a formula like this to convert:


format result cell as [h]:mm

...or you can convert the text value to time values like this

Select column B > Data > Text to Columns > Finish

Now your original SUMIF formula will work

regards, barry

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