Question : MBSA Share Test

Can anyone clarify somethign for me on MBSA (microsoft baseline security analyzer) on the shares check. It lists (for each share), a Share ACL, and a Directory ACL. Say for example I have a share called DATA, in DATA may be 5 top level directories, i.e. Database, backup, documentation, notes, users. All of which may have different ACL's? So what exactly is MBSA reporting on, as there could be numerous top level directoies in a share, so how can it just report ACL's for this mystery directory?

Answer : MBSA Share Test

yes, the main point was that the number (in the example above '34') is stored in $1.
if you want a full line try something like
$ret = "";
        $ret .=  $1." ";
/* now $ret will contain all the 34's in a line seperated by spaces.. */
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