Question : Access SELECT Combo box

Hi there, i have a subform with a combobox that is used to select the record of the subform, however i want to limit the row source of the combobox to show only those records that relate to a field in the master form. At the moment the combobox shows all records. The sql query looks as follows:

SELECT address_data.entity_id, address_data.type
FROM address_data;

Im thinking that i need to add a WHERE clause, but not sure how to refernce it to the field in the master form. Somthing like this:

SELECT address_data.entity_id, address_data.type WHERE address_data.entity_id = field onmaster form
FROM address_data;

Anyone able to help me with this?


Answer : Access SELECT Combo box

use this query

SELECT address_data.entity_id, address_data.type
FROM address_data
WHERE address_data.entity_id = Forms!nameOfMainform.NameOfControl

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