Question : WSUS Decline downloaded updates


We have lots of OCS servers in our environment (Windows 2003 / R2) which are getting negatively effected by all the .NET updates.

I have a Windows WSUS server running on the envirnoment and I have already declined all the .NET related updates.

The problem is that some of our development boxes got killed by the .NET updates so we are very apprehensive about applying them on the PROD boxes.

The problem is that most of these updates have been approved on the prod boxes and have been downloaded.

I have already decliend these .NET updates on the WSUS servers but; when I go to the PROD boxes I still see that the .NET updates are there and ready to installed.

Is there a way to automatically remove all the .NET updates from the PROD boxes so that when we installed updates they won't be part of that install suite.

Can this be done via WSUS servers?

Answer : WSUS Decline downloaded updates

Have you tried the client running the latest rdp client with printer redirection enabled. ?
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