Question : Error on server transfer

I have the following error in my ASP page which used to work just fine. What could cause it:

Server object error 'ASP 0230 : 80004005'

Server.Transfer Error

/Intranet/Cases/AddAlientoPartySP.asp, line 31

The call to Server.Transfer failed while loading the page.

Line 31 is:

If (LawFirm.EOF) Then
End If

I dont really see any issues here ... maybe some IIS setting ?


Answer : Error on server transfer

Hello, ube100,

wrt question #2:
 (afaik) you can cast null to any type you like.  It is still null.  That is, I believe the casting is unnecessary, but probably does no harm.

wrt question #1:
In general, whether a function can accept null as a value (and what it does with a null value) is up to the function.  Sorry, but I don't know the details for the PrepareCommand function.  However, I would guess  that passing in a null for transaction would mean that the command would NOT be executed as part of a transaction.

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