Question : Deploy OEM XP to multiple different branded computers from 1 CD

Hello Experts,
I have a client for which I am going to install a new SBS server for and since their network is a total mess, I would like to refresh all 10 of their PC's. Many of the computer are different brands but all have an OEM copy of XP on them. I have been trying to research a method which I could use to easily re-deploy XP-Pro to all of those machines but the problem is that each hardware vendor requires a differnet installation CD and they have lost some of the install CD's.

Is there any way that you know of, that I could use one install CD (I use Nlite to integrate all hotfixes) to re-install XP-Pro on all workstations?

Answer : Deploy OEM XP to multiple different branded computers from 1 CD

I dont know whether this is a feasible option for you, or is even a solution for your situation, but what we do, is purcahse 1 Volume Licensed XP key from MS, and build an image using the Volume Licensed media. This way we can distribute one image to all computers and dont have trouble with license keys. I was told by numerous top tier vendors, that as long as the workstaions have an OEM license on them, you are still within your license terms, even if you used VLK to install the OS.
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