Question : retrieving data from protected hard drive

I have a drive that had windows xp on it.  I have plugged this hard drive into another computer and made it an attached drive.  However, under documents and settings, I cannot browse a certain folder because it says access is denied.  Is there a way to browse that folder?

Answer : retrieving data from protected hard drive

Try taking ownership of that folder.
In XP:
In Win7:

If that will not do it, I'd personally take a Linux live CD as well, because it is quickest and easiest.
But I must advice against Knoppix; it has a hidden root account that will create access permission problems just as well.
Instead take Parted Magic:
Burn the iso to a CD (take free ImgBurn - - then select 'Write image to disk'), boot off that CD, mount your drives via the Mount Tool icon on the desktop, and search for your files and folders in the filemanager which will open automatically.
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