Question : psexec and copy file permissions

I'm using psexec from a Windows Server 2003.  I log into a terminal server as myself (an admin on the TS box).  I can install/uninstall a .NET MSI located on the TS all through psexec.  However, if I try to install the MSI through psexec by referencing it across the corp intra-network (via UNC), nothing happens.  If I log onto the TS using Remote Desktop, run the MSI install command line, referencing the UNC, it works.  In both cases, I'm logged on as the same admin.  Why doesn't the install work for psexec?

I have tried
  /lv c:\install.log
appended to the command line but no log file is produced.

Answer : psexec and copy file permissions

> And what would be the advantage of taking across the legacyExchangeDN as an X500 address? Not sure what you
> mean here either!

If you don't you'll find the following to be a problem:

1. Calendar entries created prior to the migration will no longer be "owned" by the mailbox owner
2. Replies to (internal) messages received prior to the migration will bounce
3. Outlook's Auto-Complete feature will auto-complete with addresses thare are only valid on the old mail system

> So I guess it would be permissions on a mailbox.....not sure of the difference though?

It's more of a problem when it comes to using the permissions. Mailbox rights, those defined on the mailbox itself should be fine. But it will be extremely difficult to use the other at all as a connection to New-Exchange-Org will not give you access to resources on Old-Exchange-Org.

> Why would SendAs/ReceiveAs make a difference?

On reflection they probably won't make a whole lot of difference :)

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