Question : UPS Worldship addresses

I had to convert a computer from FAT32 to NTFS. The computer was working just fine except for UPS Worldship (2009 v11.0) The program would kick back an error stating that the database had been used on another computer and to contact tech support to commission the software. So I did...They walked me through the process to first de-commission which created a backup and then we tried to commission again. During this process I noticed that the shipper number I had was different from what was in the software. Told tech support and they said we would have to start from now I have a working program but all my addresses are gone. I would think that I can somehow access those backups that were created and find these addresses. Please help my users want to nail me to the wall at this point.

Answer : UPS Worldship addresses

Don't know that I will be of much assistance.  

Looking at the file structure of the Worldship install on my computer, I would think that it is possible to accomplish what you are requesting, IF.....

First of all, you would need to be able to open/expand the .bak file that is generated to get to the files that were backed up.  Then there are .mdf files that SQL Database or Access uses.  If you have a copy of either, you may be able to open and access the databases.  Without knowing which is which, it would be hit or miss to find the proper records.  If they are accessible, then it would be fairly straightforward to export those into a .cvs file and import that into Worldship.

Without UPS support, this would be a job for the database guys, and that only if UPS hasn't locked down their database files.
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