Question : Difference between 3G and 3G Broadband

Hi Everyone

I was reading the instructions for my 3G Datacard and what the different lights mean. The card is provided by Vodafone, and it says:

"Connected via 3G broadband  A fast, blue multiple flash
Connected via 3G A slow, blue double flash
Connected via GPRS  A slow, red double flash"

I guess that I can connect via GPRS or 3G, but what is the difference between connecting between 3G and 3G Broadband??? Surely, 3G is 3G?

Answer : Difference between 3G and 3G Broadband

Perhaps they mean HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access - I had to look that up).

3G speeds vary and HSDPA is an enhancement for 3G that increased the speed of the network connectivity to reach 'broadband' speeds.
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