Question : does php.ini need modification to allow <form> POST method to work?

a FORM POST method does not seem to work.
onsubmit the page 'seems' to reload.

does php.ini need to be modification to allow POST?

this issue/symptom started to occur only after switching from old to new hosting - see phpinfo attached for ref

old php.ini (prev hosting that FORM post worked)
new php.ini (current hosting where FORM post doesn't worked)

Answer : does php.ini need modification to allow <form> POST method to work?

I agree that there is no point in rewriting everything in PHP.  It wastes time, and time is money.

However, the two languages are similar.  After knowing Java for a couple of years, PHP was not hard at all, and I could still use either my NetBeans IDE or Eclipse IDE.  So, if you want your PHP developers to learn Java or your Java developers to learn PHP, this is not a problem in my opinion to worry about.  It'd be very easy.

There are a lot of great features about the PHP language:  typeless variables, heredoc syntax, readability, etc.  I would say some cons are less information and control over errors, not as good unicode support (if you're using other languages besides English), and less object-oriented design as Java (you can have classes, but it's still a lot more like C than C++ or Java).

Here's a link I found:

I love PHP and Java, so it's hard to say really.  And like everyone has already said, with a large system, you can't beat the heavily object-oriented design of Java, while PHP shines in easiness, speed, and readability of the data going out/coming in (you can look at a PHP file and pretty much know what it will look like).
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