Question : Small business server 2003 - sent mail is "lost" somewhere...

I have a client with "Small Business Server 2003" utilizing Exchange.

Users can send mail around the network to other users and receive e-mail from outside without problems.  Internet access is normal, as is remote access to the server.

They cannot, however send e-mail to the outside world.  No error or anything seemingly "wrong".  Mail messages flash an appearance in the Outbox then are shown in the Sent folder.  Everything "looks" normal but nothing is getting recieved on the outside.

I'm not sure what info you may need to progress with this, but I will provide whatever I am able to get access to via Remote Desktop.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Answer : Small business server 2003 - sent mail is "lost" somewhere...

LOL - I bet you could do it if it included alcoholic refreshment ;-)

OK - here are your problems:

1.  Your server is multi-homed for some reason. If there is no network with the IP address range of 192.168.2.x locally or remotely that you need to be connected to, then you should REMOVE that IP address from your server's NIC.

2.  Your workstations are pointing to EXTERNAL DNS servers, instead of your SBS server.  All workstations should be pointing ONLY to your SBS server for DNS.

Now, I know this has been working for some time, but at this point it's not, so let's start by clearing out the debris. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Internet and Email selection in Server Management, and then run Change Server IP Address.  I'm not sure what exactly you'll see with a multi-homed server, but you want the ONLY IP address assigned to your server to be 
  2. Reboot the server, if possible. 
  3. Once that's done, re-check your servers' NIC properties and make sure that the address is GONE. 
  4. Then go back to the Server Management console, go to Advanced/Computer Management/Services and Applications/DNS. 
  5. Go back to the properties of the server, and go to the Root Hints tab. Make sure that there are a bunch of server names listed there, all beginning with a letter of the alphabet (like,,, etc.). If they are not there, post back here and we'll go through how to re-download that info. If everything there looks good, just click OK to close that out. 
  6. Then in the Server Management console, go to Advanced/Computer Management/Services and Applications/DHCP. 
  7. Expand the Scope and click on Scope Options. 
  8. Highlight the option labeled DNS Servers and double-click to open it. 
  9. REMOVE the public DNS server addresses that are there, and then ADD (your server IP address). 
  10. Click OK enough times to save your changes. 
  11. Wipe your sweaty brow. 

Now see if you can browse and/or send emails from the server.  Also check a workstation, but you will have to reboot it first before the DNS server information will be changed. Post back in the meantime if you have any questions/problems with these steps.

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