Question : SBS 2008 ~ The e-mail alias already exists...


I have recently tried to change some user settings via the SBS console but each time get the pop up error saying:

 'Invalid Email Address, This e-mail alias already exists. Type a different e-mail alias. Type a different e-mail alias'

I have checked and none of them have the same email duplicated anywhere...

Any ideas how to find the duplicates (if that is what is causing the error) or better a way around, for instance I want to remove a mailbox max size that was placed a while back for a user ( I have searched Exchange and AD neither mention the max size that is in place via the SBS console, where is all this extra data stored..?)


Answer : SBS 2008 ~ The e-mail alias already exists...

OK, I found a work around for any one who might be interested (this worked for me but might not for you) Go into SBS then the user you want to modify, first change the users alias email to anything you like, apply, then change the details of the user that you wanted change like mailbox quota for instance, again apply. Now if you try to change the email alias back to the original it will throw the error as before so you have to exit SBS console with the changed email alias in place then go into Exchange itself and then find the user that you previously modified in SBS console there you will see the modified email address, simply change it back to the original and apply ~ Done.
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