Question : SQL Server 2005 query help!!!

We are trying to connect to a piece of price tag software using a sql server 2005 database and retrieve some information. I am having some trouble with querying the data i need. The sofware itself will not run a stored proceedure or the like. What i need is to select the data from the table, and then select any other rows from the table that have the same code. For example.

The table Products
ProductId | Name | Description  | FamilyCode    

what im trying now is something like this.
Select a.*, b.* from Products a
INNER JOIN Products b
ON b.FamilyCode = a.FamilyCode

The problem with this is it is returning multiple results, where it should return three rows it is returning six.  PLEASE HELP!!!

Answer : SQL Server 2005 query help!!!

I would try my previous suggestion 33166154, which will allow you to pass the sku.  Also, one thing to consider is based on how many different products you may have, it may be quicker to create a table and just reference the table instead.
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