Question : Excel - CMS remove blanks - format column


In the attached spreadsheet - I would like to remove all blank rows, and then using the center column 'Changes' select items that compares the set of fields on the left, and on the right.

I usually select all, and remove blank rows, but am unable to with this.

Please advise.


Answer : Excel - CMS remove blanks - format column

Which version of excel are you using? You could try just selecting adjecent empty cells, rightsclick and select 'delete'. Then you choose 'shift cells up'.

For changes, paste the following formula in cell I2:


click cell I2, click the last cell in the I column so all cells in this column exept I1 are selected and press CTRL+D to copy this function to all selected cells. Now if left and right are different the I colum will state 'DIFFERENT!'

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