Question : Outlook Sync multiple users and multiple computers

Hi Experts
I have perused the articles but haven't quite found the solution
I have a client who has three machines. Machine A, B and C. All XP SP3 with static IP addresses and in the same workgroup. File and print sharing is open and all computers can see each other through shares.
User John uses Machine A and B and user Jill uses machine C.
I have a mish mash of Office 2003 and 2007 but if the solution will require all to have office 2007 then fine.
John has his own PST with his own contacts and calendar entries
Jill has her own contacts and calendar, task entries.
I would like to synchronise the two together regarding contacts, tasks and calendar.
John's entries gets appended to Jill's and Jill's entry gets appended to John's not replaced or overwritten as they have two distinct mailboxes each with their own email.
In fact if John could see Jill's Inbox that would be a bonus (much like exchange where you can give permissions to view or send as)
I have seen this link but not sure which product to buy. Have no issues in buying a business / enterprise product.
Thanks in advance

Answer : Outlook Sync multiple users and multiple computers

Have you tried using VLC player? It sounds like you might have an issue with the DVD decoder on your system and VLC Player does not require a decoder to play DVDs
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