Question : Dsiable SBS 2008 / Outlook 2007 Auto Account Confiuration

Hi all,

We have a client running SBS 2008.  After the initial installation, the client decided that they didn't want to use the Exchange element of the server and would rather have Outlook sending/reviewing directly via POP/SMTP as per the previous configuration (although I'm going to suggest moving to IMAP)

We carried out the clients wishes but unfortunately, the Exchange accounts keep re-appearing, causing all sorts of problems.

We were also asked to completely remove Exchange from the server - which would solve this problem - but we cannot do this as it will prevent us from installing future services packs (

Does anyone know of a way of preventing this behavior from either the server end or the Outlook side?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Answer : Dsiable SBS 2008 / Outlook 2007 Auto Account Confiuration

Disabling the store will help, but what you want to stop is autodiscover. This is part of Outlook 2007 and 2010 and not something that can be turned off, but not allowed to connect.

What we did was point the Autodiscover URL to a different site (they were going to a hosted solution, but you can use a fake URL) and then when the client prepopulated the fields, if you edit the address, it allowed you to then set the user up manually...

Here was a previous discussion on this that may be of assistance.
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