Question : Web Application Project compiled deployment to shared hosting


I recently converted my Web Site Project (WSP) into a Web Application Project (WAP). Now I am trying to deploy a compiled version so the site will run faster.

However, I am using shared hosting, and I get errors when I try to use 1-click publishing with the FTP option.

Is there another way to upload a compiled version to shared hosting? Or am I doing something wrong?

Answer : Web Application Project compiled deployment to shared hosting

The dumps could also be located in>

Absence of a Minidump could also be due to deteriorating motherboard capacitors, or a flakey power supply.
See >>

You may also be getting a total crash before Windows has a chance to produce a crash dump.  From the 2nd computer you may be able to scan the Hard disk for errors running the command chkdsk /r
....but you need first to backup any valuable data!

Then you could also try the appropriate HD diagnostic from here>
"Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities":

Normally if you see no minidump you could checkout the settings here>
Enable Minidump's in Windows XP:
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