Question : SBS 2003 R2 remote web workplace

I can access RWW easily and have been able to for some time but I have one user - the owner of course - who can not. He can logon to the RWW interface and navigate to the server/workstation menu but when he tries to attach the he will get the screen with "do you want to have access to local notepad and printer". Once he selects connect the screen cycles and an error comes up saying something about the tab has been closed do you want to open this site again??? When you select yes you end up at the connect screen again and are then in a loop. I have limited access to the machine as the owner has it with him on vacation... At one point an error mesage came up about visual basic and mstsc.exe. These errors may have come up trying to use RDP to the server.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Answer : SBS 2003 R2 remote web workplace

ensure both workstations have XP SP3 installed (support for SP2 ended this week)...then install Remote Desktop Client Version 7 on both workstations

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