Question : Lost NTFS Partition on externall HD in windows 7 diskpart

Hey Guys,

So while trying to make my USB drive bootable I accidentally performed the actions to the wrong external drive and now have no access at all to any data that I desperately need.

Im using windows 7 and my drive was formated in NTFS (Fairly Certain)

Ok so started out by using Disk Part


Select Disk 2

and then used the bootsect tool from windows 7 disk

bootsect /nt60 f: /mbr

I tried undoing the bootsect command

bootsect /nt57(I think) f: /mbr

so now my drive is displaying as RAW and unformatted. I've spent the last 12 hours with various pieces of software trying to recover the partition to no avail. I have used TestDisk, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, EaseUS Partition Master

I don't have another drive that I could use to recover files across to and and now I am completely at a loss as how to get my partition back

Answer : Lost NTFS Partition on externall HD in windows 7 diskpart

Yes, I am hoping for that. We will take the end sector of partition and restore it to the first sector. There is 50% chance that this helps. But first we need to save first sector.
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