Question : Windows Vista/7 Network Issues popping connection to outside world

I have a problem that is really making me scratch my head!  Yesterday, all of the PC's on our network which are running either Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows 7 will no longer connect to the outside world.  Currently, this is touching three PC's.  None of the PC's which are running Windows XP seem to be having this problem (knock on wood).

There is nothing too special about our set up here, it is very vanilla.  When I run the network diagnostics on the PC's, they report an issue contacting DNS, but I can't track down a problem with DNS, and none of the XP PC's are showing this problem.

I have tried to run netsh winsock reset on each of the PCs with no solution.  I even did a wipe and reinstall of Vista on one, hoping that would fix, but again no dice.

Virus scan (using Trend Internet Security Pro 2010) is coming up clean.  Also, a scan with SuperAntiSpyware is coming up clean on each of the PC's.

I can access the outside world if I move the PC's to a different network (i.e., at home).

Any hints, tips or pointers is greatly appreciated!


Answer : Windows Vista/7 Network Issues popping connection to outside world

Ok, here's my simple to do list, notetaker or whatever.
Using notepad doesn't give a lot of options but it works. Create a text file, desktop preferably, and name it whatever you want. Open it and as the first entry type ".LOG" no quotes and note period before LOG
Close and save. Now the next time you open it, the time and date are automatically entered, type your to do
item and close.
When items is done, you can delete it or if you want to save the details for later, Tab it to the middle of page
designating as complete. Again, not many options in notepad. Use search to find item as list grows.
Have many converts to this over time.  For your purpose, you can put it in a folder along with files you want to use....................etc  If this is part of what you're looking for, great. .
Good luck
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