Question : tips for wireless surveillance system for ghost hunting

We currently use a wired surveillance system for our ghost hunting.  It works great but setting up 8 cameras in large residences (like castles) can be very time consuming and exhausting with running the wires while dealing with high temperatures.

I'd like to change our system to wireless and have a few questions:
- what type of security should be established so only we can see it?
- what is the minimum fps that would be sufficient for the type of video capture we do (especially in low light conditions)?
- what video format is the best to capture in?
- maximum distance or range?
- is it worth it to have remote control of some or all of the cameras?
- what would be the minimum price to purchase an adequate system?
- is it easy to add to the system (add more cameras later)?
- does adding more cameras slow down the recording speed?

I would think that the setup/breakdown of a system with 8 cameras should be quick if wires weren't involved.

Answer : tips for wireless surveillance system for ghost hunting

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