Question : Hosting other domains under a sub folder

Hi everyone, first question here although I have been reading for quite some time.

I have web space hosted by uk cheapest with an existing domain in the root of my site. I have much more space than I need so I want to host other domains/sites in subfolders of my main site.

I use to manage my domains.

I create sub folder in the root of my site and place an index page. Then in my Daily control panel I setup a framed web forward for my new domain to . So far this works well, accessing in my browser takes me to the new index page and displays in the address bar, however when hovering over any links on the index page the full path is displayed in the status bar

Is there a way through maybe htaccess or any other way to get the browser status to show the new url

Many thanks

Answer : Hosting other domains under a sub folder

The route taken is configured in the routers themselves.

Bottom line:  Put the servers on the same LAN.

HTTP does not take up much bandwidth and should do fine over the VPN or WAN link, whatever you have.

That is the best I can advise given that the specifications of the link between the two buildings are a little unclear.

- Tom

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