Question : layering DIVs with Flash and HTML content

The links on this page (about us, contact, news, etc.) should be on top of the Flash SWF:

I have them layered with z-index:1 (DIV class="nav_home") and z-index:2 (DIV class="map").

Its working fine on Macintosh: Safari, Chrome, Firefox

It doesn't work on my Windows computer: Internet Explorer, Firefox

The navigation links disappear on Windows. Odd that Firefox it works for Macintosh but not Windows. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or a workaround for this?


Answer : layering DIVs with Flash and HTML content

I'm surprised it works anywhere.  You need to set the wmode paramater for the flash object.

In the <script> element that contains the following line:

var params = {};

change the line to:

var params = {wmode:"transparent"};

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