Question : Can not wake PC which has no monitor, mouse or keypad

I have a Dell9100 PC with Win 7 Pro installed. This was a previous PC which we no longer used, however I needed an old file from it so yesterday plugged in mains lead, connected to LAN and started it without peripherals. Accessed it through Microsoft Remote Desk Top which was previously set up, all very successful ! However............
This morning I realise I didn't turn off and find it in what appears to be sleep or hibernate, no fans, power button light flashes about every second. Can not raise from slumbers. Have plugged in USB mouse. keyboad to no avail, unplugged also no good. Any ideas, my thought was to open and remove Cmos battery. Thanks

Answer : Can not wake PC which has no monitor, mouse or keypad

Try to make a hardware reset (unplug the power cable then hold the power button for 10 sec then plugging the power cable back in) if that did not help. you must connect external monitor to see what is going on.

if that dose not help then it could be a hardware problem, if you are getting contentious flashing light on the front panel this could be the reason. in that case I would suggest that you take the hard drive a part and put it in external HDD and get your files.


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