Question : SERVER C drive is running out of space

I have a Dell Poweredge 2900.  I am running SBS 2003 R2.  The server has a 3 232 GB hard Drives in a RAID 5 configuration with a PERC6i SAS RAID Controller.  On my C Drive I have 25 GB with 300MB free space.  On my D drive I have 670 GB with 617GB of free space.

I need to attain more disc space on my C drive.  Whats the best method for me to do so.

Answer : SERVER C drive is running out of space

1.  You can open your contacts, click on the drop down menu File-Export contacts.  Then take the file you create and import via the same method in their address books.  Or you can get a copy of their address book, rename it something, open from your machine and copy and paste your contacts.  Then take their copy back to their machine and rename back to names.nsf.

2.  Use the out of office function under the action bar item More in your inbox.  
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