Question : Indesign CS5 overset text problem

I am reading all sorts of things about overset text, but I do not understand it. I have a book with threaded text, no problem there. On one page though I have a graphic and I have drawn a new text frame next to it for some supportive text. In that frame there is enough space for an entire paragraph, but yet the three characters I typed in (in a small font) are invisible. The outport is red and says that the text is overset. What do I do wrong?

Answer : Indesign CS5 overset text problem

Does the text appear if you move that box out to the pasteboard?

Try this: Select the problem box. Do: Command + B or Control + B on a PC. Check the box that says: "Ignore Text Wrap" to make your text box immune to the text wrapping you (I am guessing) put on the main text box.
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