Question : E72 - How to make email work without activating data services?

hi mobile experts

i just got my Nokia E72 and tried configuring its email services with NO luck. i haven't activated the 3G data services for this phone/number. i do have a wireless network accessing the internet from home, and i have already made the phone surf the web wirelessly with no problem.

i tried for several times following E72's Email Setup Wizard or manual steps to configure my Gmail accounts. it never worked though i believe the settings (server names, ports, protocols and etc.) were correct. when the phone pops up a message asking for selecting a connection, i choose "Search for WLAN" then select my home AP. it just doesn't work. :(

does E72's email functionality rely on 3G/GPRS data services ONLY?? is it possible to use WLAN for email access?

please help!

kind regards,

Answer : E72 - How to make email work without activating data services?

i downloaded POP and IMAP Troubleshooter from, then ran it from a XP and it showed all communication channels were OK.

then i found the correct POP and SMTP servers should be "" and "", NOT "" and "" that I used initially!

after changed the server settings, i instantly received a request to confirm Google's certificate, then i saw the emails in my Gmail box. :)

but it still have a few issues, i can only see the Inbox, no view to see other emails filtered by Gmail Labels; and i can't see the emails in my Sent Box... i set IMAP for this account on E72.

any clue?

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