Question : Question regarding multiple delegates

I have a client with a calendaring issue. Initially she was saying that when a meeting update comes out it is deleted from her calendar. I found out she has three delegates. Any of these three delegates can accept them. One person normally does it. The meeting notices come to the delegates mailbox. The person that doesn't normally accept them deletes the request when it comes in. I believe this is the reason that the meeting disappears. Can anyone confirm this? If so, any suggestions on the best way to handle this other than not have so many delegates?

Answer : Question regarding multiple delegates

That should work just fine.  Map the LUN to vmware with the same LUN ID and this way you'll have vmotion and HA.  

You'll need some downtime to migrate the current OS or create a new VM.  You should dismount the LUN from the physical server before mounting it to the ESX server to be used as a RDM

There are two types of RDMs, one virtual (which allows you to take vmware snaphshots) and physical (used for MSCS clusters) and is strictly for SAN control and SAN snapshots, etc..

If you're looking for a new SAN take a look at the Netapp, it will do deduplication and can act as your file server on the domain.
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