Question : 3G/4G Sprint broadband for Dell Latitude E4300

I'm looking for a 3G (4G if possible) internal  3G broadband modem card for the Dell Latitude E4300. I could not get a straight answer from Dell on the right card to use.
Note that the cust already has a Sprint plan and doesnt want to renew contract.

Dell originally sold me: Dell Item#
313-5193      Dell Wireless 5720 Mobile Broadband (CDMA EVDO) Mini-Card for Telus, Latitude Customer

This was a card for Telus and I could not get it to be recognized by Sprint Smartview. Did they sell me the wrong part? I returned to Dell for a refund.

I then tried Dell part# XM359 and after swapping the esn/card on the plan, I could not activate it on Sprint's network, even after 2 hours of troubleshooting w/ level 2. She escalated to level 3 but I don't have much hope of it working.

Someone, anyone w/ an E4300 and a working 3G Sprint internal card, what part# are you using?

Answer : 3G/4G Sprint broadband for Dell Latitude E4300

Gobi makes a card that works with sprint and its internal.  I just needed to make sure it works in that Dell

Windows 7 compatable
Manufacturer Part# DKYD6
Dell Part# 313-9362

Not windows 7 compatable
Manufacturer Part# J029P
Dell Part# 313-7847
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