Question : Can't Ping DC with name

Hello friends :-)
i added a new server on a network , there is around 10x more server exist
on new server i can ping all other servers  , from all other servers i can ping new server too ( by name and by IP)
BUT ... from Domain Controler , i can't Ping the new server by name !!!

Roles on DC :    DC is just DC + DHCP + DNS

in DNS ( dnsmgmnt )  i can see this new server's name + IP  and all other servers !!!!
in TCP/IP config , on WINS tab , i can see it's set as "enable LMHOSTS lookup"
and NetBios Settings= Default : Use Netbios settings from DHCP server .... blah blah blah

will be happy if you guys help me step by step about this :-)

Answer : Can't Ping DC with name

Take a look at the following links...

Create GPO to point to a new directory for your mapped drives...

File Migration Tool Kit

Hope this helps~!
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