Question : MS CRM 4.0 User account/login account mismatch.

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Have an issue with CRM where by the login account I use to log onto my PC does not match the user account in CRM, given to me when I log onto it. For example if I create a workflow or a case etc, the 'owner' account that CRM picks is not my user account.

I think this might have happened when I used login details (not my own) to access the server that our CRM deployment is installed on. Since then when I log onto my PC as myself and open Outlook or IE to access CRM it assumes I am a different user.

Does anybody know where this setting might be stored or how I can change it.
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Answer : MS CRM 4.0 User account/login account mismatch.

Internet Explorer settings control how you authenticate to CRM. Normally it will be Windows authentication so that whoever you are logged in as to Windows will be use to login to CRM. It is possible to make IE ask you who to connect to CRM as and you may have done this and remembered the username/password that you chose. You need to look at Internet Explorer Security settings for the zone that the CRM web has been allocated to - this may be Local Intranet, Trusted Sites or Internet. Click on custom level and then scroll to the end of the settings list to review your settings.

Let me know how you get on.
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