Question : Open a Form from Table Validation

Hello, I have a problem that has to do with validation. I have to check if certain data matches and then open up another form based on that checking.

I have two tables one named tbllkupLegalFeeStateCodes and tblmkOpenClose I have to check CLASS, CLAIM_EFF_DATE (check just the year NOT month and day); AND STATE if they match then I can open the Policys Form by pushing the button on Customers Form.

Example of validation: This has to happen from the CUSTOMERS form. In tblmkOpenClose CLASS = ZURICH and STATE = NJ and CLAIM EFF DATE = 03/21/2004 then check to see if that matches in the tbllkupLegalFeeStateCodes in fieldname ALPHA = STATE and the CLASSES are fieldnames with the YEAR in the field row. If there is a match then the POLICYS FORM can be opened from CUSTOMERS form.

I really don’t know how to do that! I think I have to loop through the table looking for the different criteria.
I have included a sample database with my issue see attachment for that.

Validate Form to Open another Form.

Answer : Open a Form from Table Validation

You open the Webportal.vbproj file in wordpad and search for this address and change the "mnloon" with "localhost" save it and try to reopen it again.
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