Question : Set up a Site-To-Site VPN between 2 CISCO ASA 5505

I have a brand new ASA5505 in the box for our new office.  I have an office already set up with an 5505 as well.  We need to establish a site to site between the 2 offices.  I think i'll be ok setting up the interfaces for pppoe or static ip for wan as well as dhcp and local subnet adress for lan.  My issue is the site to site vpn.  Can anyone help me with a setup explained for dummies and total newbie with Cisco ASA.  A link to good documentation could also be a solution but it has to give lots of details since it took me 20 min to figure out that I needed to be in an enable mode to change the config or just display a sh run :)...

Answer : Set up a Site-To-Site VPN between 2 CISCO ASA 5505


    ON table1.dbo.CMS_USERDATA.DATA_VALUE = table2.dbo.USERS.UserGUID


    ON convert(nvarchar(4000), table1.dbo.CMS_USERDATA.DATA_VALUE) = convert(nvarchar(4000), table2.dbo.USERS.UserGUID)

Just expanding on what conagraman said.
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