Question : Multiple calendars on mobile device

Hi All

We are running BES 4.1.7, Exchange 2003 SP2, and Outlook 2007.

Our mobile messaging is based around Blackberry and ActiveSync.

For Outlook, a lot of our managers have PA's who have access to their mailboxes for Calendaring etc.

In terms of mobiles, both the managers and PA's have their own mobile devices.

Now, the PA's are asking if it's possible to have access to their managers' Calendars via their (i.e. the PA's) mobile device.

Assuming the permissions are set correctly (as we would expect since Outlook works fine), then does anyone know if this is possible using Blackberry or ActiveSync?

Answer : Multiple calendars on mobile device

Unless there is a third party apps to do this, it is not available on the Blackbrry unit itself.
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