Question : .net framework version and Visual Studio

I have .net framework 2.0 and 3.5 installed in my system. But Visual Studio 2005 is always pointing to .net Framework 3.5. Why this is so?
(I found the version it is pointing to by going to Help->About Microsoft Visual Studio in the VS menu.)

Please guide me how I can target VS 2005 to point to the latest version of the .net framework (in my case 3.5) instead of the old version (2.0)

Answer : .net framework version and Visual Studio

Ah. I don't believe you can change the framework in 2005. I believe that feature was added in 2008, to allow for backwards compatibility. In 2005, they hadn't thought about future framework support yet.

I hope I'm not stating something that's incorrect, but I believe this is the case. If so, maybe ... just maybe there's a way to fool it by editing the project file manually?
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