Question : Can I loop rather then group in crystal reports.

I have a table in my database that has multiple records for a particular customer ID.  So customer ID 1001 might have 3 record and customer ID1002 might have 12 records.  My table columns looks something like this:


Rather then using a Group, could I somehow use a Formula to loop through and display each record on my report where the record is a match to the Customer ID?  I'd also like to place carriage returns between each record.  Is this possible?  If so could someone please provide a code example that I might be able to follow.

Answer : Can I loop rather then group in crystal reports.

Use your current ProposalItems report. On the report header of it put the first page from your pdf. The logo here ABOUT US  lating paragraph, etc...
Extend your report footer down to 11 inches (user the rule guides).
Then run your ProposalItems report and let's see what we have.
If everything OK then we can work on the 3rd page.
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