Question : ORA - 12170 + FIREWALL

I use oracle 10G behind firewall.
10g listener is up and I can connect Lan client machine to 10g. Listener use default ports. But I can't connect to 10g from  dmz application server.
I checked fwall policy.  I permitted 1521 and 1526 ports. I think application server use dynamic port.
How can I solve this?


Answer : ORA - 12170 + FIREWALL

You need to understand how Oracle networking works.

At a high level:
The listener ONLY listens for connections, validates the request, creates a new port, hands off the connection and goes back to listening.

It randomly picks a high level port between 1021 and 65535 (I think).  You need to have ALL those open in the firewall.

There are two ways around this and neither is all that great:
1: Configure Multi-Threaded-Server (MTS).  MTS allows you to define a fixed set of ports to be used.

2: Force ALL connections to use the listeners port with USE_SHARED_SOCKET.

The problem here is port contention and if you ever stop the listener, you KILL all active database connections.
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