Question : Crystalreports Split()

what is split? is it used for seperating commas in a crystal reports feild?

I have afeild "12345"

StringVar Array myNumbers;
myNumbers := Split({AField},',');

'The result of a formular can not be an array' ?

Answer : Crystalreports Split()

SPLIT is used to split a string into pieces by a separator character.

If you get a delimited list of customer_id like "1234,1235,1256" you can split it by SPLIT ({field},',') into an array that contains one entry per customer_id

The error message that you got is that formulas cannot return array values. if you want to calculate it and return it elsewhere add a "" after the calculation. the formula returns the result of the last operation.

myNumbers := Split({AField},',');

will make it executable.
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