Question : "HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found"  in ASP.Net


I have created an simple ASP.Net application with MySql Database.
The application running properly in my local database.
I have published the application on Internet. When I run the application in the online,
it runs without error and works all database operations such as insertion, deletion and updation of records.

But, suddently  the following error occurs.
"HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found
The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

The error is not occurs at any particular operation or event. It occurs anywhere at anytime.

My database connection coding is as follows

ConnString = "DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};; DATABASE=gloier_userdb; " _
                        & "UID=myuserid;PASSWORD=mypwd; OPTION=3"

I write the above code in Page Load Event.

I can't find where & What is the problem.

Kindly help me to solve this problem.

Thanks & Regards

Answer : "HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found"  in ASP.Net

Go to Control Pannel -> Administratove Tools -> Internet Information Server.
Expand the tree on the left side and find directory. Right click and open Properties.
There is a button Create (Bottom right). It creates an application into your server directories.

This is necessary if you have a Web Application Project...


Ivo Stoykov
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