Question : Virtual Server on HYPER V assigning CPUs

I have 2 quad core xeon processors and I am putting 6 Virtual Servers on this machine. Each Server has enough memory however I wanted to assign more CPU power to each of the servers. What happens if I just set all the Virtual servers to 4 CPUs. Is there a problem doing this? Will the servers conflict fighting for CPU availability. We only have 10 employees connecting throughout the day using various applications. Or is it better to assign a static cpu number for each server? I want to know the goods and the bads.

I had 6 physical servers, each with it's own role. Now I want to keep one physical server as a domain controller and the other 6 will be as follows:

backup domain controller
sql 2005 server for production database (for all new records)
sql 2000 for older archived database (used to look at past records)
terminal server
exchange server

Answer : Virtual Server on HYPER V assigning CPUs

unless there is a desperate need to have more than one CPU, don't allocate the additional CPU as it will have a negative effect on performance.

my advise would be to monitor the performance of each server and then tweak CPU settings accordingly.
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