Question : MS Access/VBA Coding - Loops Within Recordsets

In the following code, I am looping through a recordset of my table.

When I get to the record in question , I want to set one of the fileds in this record ONLY equal to another field in this SAME record.  The line in bold is causing an error.  I don't think I want to use an UPDATE statement because I only want to set the value of one field in one record at this stage in my loop. How do I accomplish this?

mycount = rs5.RecordCount

For x = 1 To mycount
   If (rs5!UseQuant = 0) Then
     'Make this trade meet the Parameter (i.e. Set Total Amount = Parameter)
     rs5!TotalAmount = rs5!Parameter
   End If  

  Next x

Answer : MS Access/VBA Coding - Loops Within Recordsets


You are not going to get a truly satisfying answer, because what you are asking for is fiendishly hard. There are different techniques that will yield varying levels of success, but inevitably even the "best" techniques will yield many false positives and false negatives.

The attached sample file shows on the "top 750" worksheet the results of a Soundex-based approach and the results of a "fuzzy logic" match.

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