Question : 3 monitors and and access from all

I have three monitors connected to a windows Vista machine.  2 and 1 are next to each other in display settings and 3 is above both.  However, I can only access 3 by going through 2 and then up (3 is on top).  I'd like to move up from each monitor to access 3.  Is there some way to do that?

Answer : 3 monitors and and access from all

Something to the same effect happens with two monitors if one has a different screen resolution.  When you are at the bottom of a higher resolution screen, you can't move over to the other without going higher on the screen.

If this is the case, I would experiment with screen resolutions and see if you can achieve what you want.  One suggestion would be to make the top screen resolution wider and see if you can slide up from screen 1.

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