Question : Permissions

Hi everyone,

Here is what i would like to ask. Let me picture the situation:

UserA is member of GroupA and Group B.
Group A has modify permission on Folder A on a Windows 2003 member server. I have a command utility that can replace ACL entries, subninacl.

So suppose that I run the command utility to replace Group A with Group B on ACL. So Group B will have the same permission with Group A but Group A will be deleted from ACL ( Couldn't find any way, fist add the group B and delete group A to play safe as in ADMT. So i have to it replace ).

Once i replace the ACL entry, then UserA might experience permission issues ?,

such in the case UserA is service account. Basically what I am wondering is that when user token gets renewed with new permissions

Thanks in advance


Answer : Permissions

Yes it does but not much, ussualy around 1 - 5 % slower.  It has to do with the heat increasing the resistance in the wire and the physicical conductors (the basics).  But it should not be to noticable.  Sounds like you have another issue.  Sounds like you have T1's I would check the ussage report on each line by a website if they provided one or calling them.
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