Question : Weird problem sending email using Dynamics CRM Workflows

I created a work flow to send email when a user closes an activity (Status Changes) and to be run OnDemand. When I trigger the workflow manually either as an admin or a normal user, then the  System Job has the triggering user's name as the Workflow Owner and successfully sends the email. However, when triggered automatically, due to some reason, it fails to send the email. On automatic trigger the Job has SYSTEM as the owner.

The System Jobs list shows "Workflow expansion task" as the name, but the workflow is not activated when run by the SYSTEM. We are using E-mail Router for outgoing emails, but the SYSTEM user is not editable for this setting, and shows a grayed out 'MS Outlook' under outgoing email. If anyone has faced a similar situation and/or can help, I appreciate your time.

Answer : Weird problem sending email using Dynamics CRM Workflows

The information that I have recommends against using local agents, and points to using ISA Lite, instead.
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