Question : Xenserver multipath issue with pool

Ok, we are installing xenserver 5.6 on 2 Dell PE R900's and they can both connect into the MD3000i SAN through ISCSI no problem.  I have a dedicated storage network on a separate LAN and have created a separate management interface for each.  Actually on each Xenserver I have a 2 nics bonded connecting the the MD3000i.  Now both attach fine, but it is when I create a pool and attach the MD3000i to the pool I run into issue where the non pool master is showing the connection as unplugged and the pool master is showing 4 (not2) iscsi connections as active.  

Is there a set procedure of adding the MD3000i to a pool in xenserver?  Should I delete the management interfaces of the ISCSI nics and reconfigure them once they are both part of the pool?  I couldn't pull up anything online so I thought I'd ask here.  Please help.

Answer : Xenserver multipath issue with pool

I would connect them in the same order and see if that makes any difference.
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